Demo '15

by Substance

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Recorded mixed and mastered by Connor McAuliffe at Mirkwood Recordings in Indian Trail, NC


released December 9, 2015



all rights reserved


Substance Charlotte, North Carolina


Matt - Guitar
Russ - Guitar
Aaron - Voice
Cameron - Bass
Connor - Beat

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Track Name: Mission
A youthful swarm will have the final word
Bursting emotion; trying and fighting to be heard
Dreaming dreams that no one's thought to dream
Burning energy no one's heard of or seen

And we'll cry out for all to hear
In this mission for unity we'll never disappear

Young, united through purpose and spirit
It's easier to say it than to do it and mean it
Pressure's strong but we'll always persevere
People change but we'll always be here

So we'll hold our ground, and stand tall
In we can stand together, we can take it all
Track Name: Head to Head
I feel the pressure i'm going to head to head
Against all the things that i'm constantly fed
Not gonna follow the crowd or the system
My mind's my own and i won't be a victim
Turn my eyes away from all the worthless things
That this society's trying to push on me
I have a choice and i have to disagree
I have a choice and i want to be free

Won't assume the position and play their games
I'm sick and tired and i'm having my say
Got no weakness to hold me back
No fuckin bribe could ever make me crack

Won't take your pills, won't drink your product
Cause i don't wanna end up at the fucking bottom
It's time to wake up and start to grow
Refuse to give in refuse to go
Turn my eyes away from all the worthless things
That this society's trying to push on me
I have a choice and i have to disagree
I have a choice and i want to be free

Head to head
Head to head
I'm going
Track Name: Losing Fight
You're so weak you don't know wrong from right
Quit the act now cause you're in a losing fight
At the shows looking to start trouble
When we should be looking out for one another

I've had enough of this and i've got anger with a vision
Cause i won't stand for any of this division
These foolish choices have all gotta end
It's time to reach out and be a friend

Change your ways
It's not right
Quit the act
It's a losing fight
Track Name: Substance
When we're pushed to the wall and we're put to the test
Our actions show that we're not like the rest
We don't need a substance to push us around
We don't need a substance cause we're straight and proud

Walking tall and we're walking straight
We're the new breed and we won't go away

Walking tall and we're walking straight
We've got a feeling and it will never fade

Think back to a time when you had peace
Full of energy waiting to be released
Your ways I'll never understand
But I'll always offer you my hand
Track Name: Never Again (Turning Point)

You're voicing your threats
But I'm not afraid
Because of the idle threats that you've made

I've seen your kind before
Can't take it no more
You're headed for a fall and I don't care at all

Mess with our friends at all the fuckin shows
Gonna take you down and all our hate will flow