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TCR - 007

7 inch records available for purchase at totalcorerecords(dot)bigcartel(dot)com / comes with digital download.

Recorded, mixed, and mastered by Connor McAuliffe at Mirkwoood Recordings in Indian Trail, NC.


released July 14, 2017



all rights reserved


Substance Charlotte, North Carolina


Matt - Guitar
Russ - Guitar
Aaron - Voice
Cameron - Bass
Connor - Beat

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Track Name: Through the Walls
In an earlier time, I didn’t have much care in the world
My days were only for myself and fun, but this was before
Opened my eyes beyond all that I knew and what I saw made me wish I hadn’t
Power of money filling nations with pain
and hatred filling my brown people with rage
I can’t keep walking with blood up to my ankles
Silence will see all of it go on, I can’t stay silent
Amidst the storm, I barely heard a voice
Looked through the cracks and I saw a light
Daring to act beyond music, beyond thoughts
Daring to reach a choice for tomorrow and making it now

Heard something through the walls
The cry of the people, their strength, their song
Billions of voices

I can’t stay silent to this, no matter the consequence
Silence will see all of it go on
Listen to the voice through these walls
Track Name: Longing for Tomorrow
If I look at you and ask will you tell me the truth
All my labor, pain, and my burning youth - tell me it was real and wasn’t in vain
Confusion blurs between pleasure and pain
Can’t help but consider the past and how different it all could be
Used to believe every choice I made was free
Felt like I was chasing wind
Found I was chasing vanity

Crisis of identity shakes me deep to my core
Longing for the answers - but what exactly am I searching for
My sight paints visions of greatness seeking joy and success
Inside of me I want to achieve this dream, but savoring nothing is so tempting
Will I get to where I want to be
if I have to run where ashes burn my feet?

Crisis of identity shakes me deep to my core
I’m longing for the answers, will I ever know what I’m searching for
Track Name: Shadow
How can I disappear leaving those promises I made?
The feelings that we wrote on our hearts will come back to haunt us if we don't reveal them
I thought I'd live forever, that I'd never lose my way
Began to lose my sight as dark obscures the day
Before the curtains close, I'll bring light to what's not
The shadow of pain reaches to shut out the sun, but I strike it down
The life in me burned to live
My fate drew near I caught a glimpse
Can i set this world aflame so I can see
All the good I can do
No darkness, just beauty
I'll bring light to what's not
Track Name: Games You Play
Fooled again by drifting words
Thrown into line to follow a herd
Won't fall for those games you play
The divide grows deeper with every word you speak
All your twisted plans are now so clear to me

Lifted the veil, I found the scheme
that behind my back, you sought to destroy me
I'm uncontrolled, doesn't matter what you do
You try and you try but my feet stand still
I won’t fall for your games

Do I have the strength to deal
Or will I succumb, sit, and heel
Breaking away from lies with force
my vengeance will run its course
So I'm speaking out and I’ll let you know now
My feet will always - always stay on level ground
Track Name: Pressures of the Day
Gray clouds of sadness wash over me
I bleed and sweat and results don't show
What's expected of me brings me to my knees
The pain that i bear only continues to grow

The sea swallows me up with the shore
I try to swim but i sink more
Within me is a cold, hard feeling
and the pain that I bear only continues to grow

Take the pressures of the day
You’ve got to learn to use them for your gain
You can't always win, but you can always learn
All it takes is the use of your might
The reality may be that you're scared
But all it takes is the courage to fight
You'll always see that you can use your might
Track Name: Hardpoint
Sweating under lights, through the speakers, on the stage
What went out in them now shines in us
And our numbers are only larger with age
Vessels of passion - they’ve gone and died out
But the crew is still crowding the streets and we’ve kept it straight

It’s in our attitude
It’s the hard point of our living
These words have magnitude
We won’t lose what we’ve been given

You can keep all your distractions and obstruction
Live your life don’t forget about ours, this music lives in us
The scene, the message, is all we need
Hand in hand, human to human, this is true unity