For the Sake of​.​.​.

by Substance

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"Nailed to the X" live at the Granary April 4/16/16 in Miami, FL

tapes out through Advanced Perspective


released April 4, 2017



all rights reserved


Substance Charlotte, North Carolina


Matt - Guitar
Russ - Guitar
Aaron - Voice
Cameron - Bass
Connor - Beat

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Track Name: For the Sake of...
The fads of this world we'll never follow
Drawing lines when the boundaries blur
We're standing hard in the face of tomorrow
Reviving the spirit of what once was...

For The Sake Of

Human voices won't wake us and make us drown
Yesterday, today, and tomorrow - drug free and proud
"use your head" "think straight", and "true til death"
We'll push ourselves to live these words unlike the rest
If you're seeking to be people of substance
you have to push aside your pain, go straight and join our fight
We're unlocking the secrets of the world
And with clean minds we're doing it first
Track Name: Pressures of the Day
Gray clouds of sadness wash over me
I bleed and sweat and results don't show
What's expected of me brings me to my knees
The pain that I bear only continues to grow

Take the pressures of the day
You got to learn to use them for your gain
You can't always win, but you can always learn
And all it takes is the use of your might
The reality may be that you're scared
But all it takes is the courage to fight
You will always see that you can use your might
Track Name: Shadow
How can I disappear leaving those promises I made?
The feelings that we wrote on our hearts
Will come back to haunt us if we don't reveal them

I thought I'd live forever, that I'd never lose my way
Started to lose my sight as dark obscures the day
So before the curtains close, I'll bring light to what's not
The shadow of pain reaches to shut the sun, but I strike it down
The life in me burned to live
My fate drew near
I caught a glimpse
Can I set this world
Aflame so I can see?
All the good I can do
No darkness, just beauty